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We work as your office in Guangzhou of China.

The advantages to build an office in Guangzhou city

To build a purchasing office in Guangzhou city, it can cover the whole GUANGDONG Province in 5-hour- by-car distance. It would bring high efficiency on operating of investigation of supplier’s factory, sampling, inspection for mass order, shipment arrangement (especially for many items fixed).

According to your request, we can build a team to serve you. I would act as the team leader. The team would search the suppliers for your enquiries, estimate the quotations, and offer all quotations with our comments for your final decision.

We can arrange the samples charge by our account to save the bank costs, and collect samples together to save the freight cost.

We would arrange the investigation on suppliers’ production core lines and maunfacturing faculty, provide the full information by official reports, and build backup suppliers network to avoid the risk on unsteady facts.

We can take the inspection in process of mass production to find out the problem before bigger loss and take standard inspection before goods loading. Based on the inspection result, we can mark the suppliers’ level and give them further requirements to assure the order's quality.

All the information including the order process would be updated and shared with you without delay. You can hold all details on your hands and get them while you need them.

It depends on your requirement to decide which supplier to make samples and manufacture mass orders.

The payments can be arranged directly to suppliers or by us. We would follow your request.

How much shall it cost you? Please contact us for more details.