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We have some new idea on the products and service. We would publish them here. You are welcome to bring us your comments if you are interested in any of them.

Project 1 Our self-built Manufacturing Lines
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Company Information

  Manufacturing Lines and Samples Rooms:
  Leather Premium:
  Promotional Bags:
  CD cases:, MOQ is 5000 pcs for less than 96 cds and 3000 pcs for 96 cds and 200 cds.
  New Designs:
Project 2 Small cost to build your office in Guangzhou.

For European market, it requires the material based on EN71 standard, which is a basic standard. That gives requirements on two facts. One is AZO free and the other is cadmium less than 75ppm.

For big quantity, it's definitely no problem. The material suppliers can make out the materials according to the requirements.

But for small quanitity, the total volume doesn't reach the MOQ. How to solve this?

Usually we offer solutions as following:

1. For one item, only use one material(outside and inside). That would increase the total volume for one material. Highly recommended.

2. Many items by one material in one order. Highly recommended.

3. Order the materials based on MOQ, that would bring you additional costs. Some materials would be on stock for your future repeat orders.

And if based on long-term business base, please choose one or two materials for your all items. Then, you can order many items by small quantity, like 500 pcs per item or 1000 pcs per item.

And small quantity would follow heavy costs on labor cost and additional costs(mould cost, exporting cost) .

Porject 4 High Quality OEM Wallet

We are qualified to develop the high quality OEM wallet. There are many good handcraft leather, pu wallets facotries relationship built well with us.

You are welcome to bring us your designs, materials texture. And we can accompany you to search the pu and leather materials from our market.

Develop together with you.